CHP1010 is 10-10

Thanks to everyone who supported us over the span of our existence.

We’re truly grateful.

From a practical angle, maintaining CHP1010 didn’t pencil out for us, considering the growing costs in terms of time and money, contrasted with a steadily declining number of daily visits.

Currently there are 1538 retirees listed in the CAHP’s Retiree Directory, out of approximately 7,000 retirees overall.  The CHP1010 subscriber list averaged 950; and out of that number, only 400 to 450 people would visit us AFTER we sent out advance notices of updates.

Then, following our announcement that we would discontinue advance notices, our “hit” rate dropped to approximately 150.  Pretty dismal, to be sure.

That said, all is not lost.  We post most of the SAME news on our new “CHP10-10 Family & Friends” Facebook group.  To join, you first MUST establish a Facebook account.  Once you do that, let us know and we’ll send you an invitation. This is a CLOSED group (secure) for MEMBERS ONLY.

Click the logo below if interested in signing up for a Facebook account

Any questions or comments, click here.

Adios my friends